International Recipes From Classy Restaurants

Everyone loves to eat at a restaurant, at least from time to time, as it’s easy, it’s relaxing, and it definitely improves your mood. If you want to choose a restaurant that has international food, all you have to do is locate the one that is nearest to you. However, there’s also the possibility to cook for yourself easy recipes that are served in different parts of the world. The restaurants will charge you a lot for these meals, but if you learn how to do them at home, your dinner will be served in no time.

Rice Saladrestaurant-food

The rice salad can be served as a garnish, or you could eat it as it is, as it’s light and all natural. For this, you will need some rice, two tomatoes, two red and yellow peppers, one onion, oil, mustard, salt, and pepper. Boil the rice until it’s ready for serving. While the rice boils, make a light mayonnaise out of oil, mustard, salt and pepper – make as much as you want, depending on your taste – this is a sauce that needs to be added to the salad.

Cut the onion into small pieces, cut the tomatoes and the peppers and you’re ready to combine them. Once the rice is ready, add the onion, and mix everything, and then add the sauce. Once this is ready, you can add the rest of the vegetables – if you like to feel a stronger taste for the vegetables, you could add more of them – it will also give a nice color to the salad.

It can be served right after it is done, or you could leave it in the fridge for one hour and serve it cold. Either way, it’s an excellent garnish and a good dish of itself.

Easy Pasta

Many people love Italian food, but not everyone knows how to cook it. A simple recipe goes like this – you will need some pasta, tomatoes, garlic, oil, basil, salt and pepper. While the pasta is boiling, cut the onions (2 small ones) and fry them in a pan with some oil. Once they are glassy, add the garlic (cut into small pieces), the tomatoes (also cut into small pieces) and let them cook for a few minutes. Once they are done, add the basil and keep mixing. Make sure the content doesn’t stick to the pan, so mix continuously at every 10 seconds.

When the pasta is ready, put them in a colander, and place them under a cold jet of water – it will keep them from sticking. Put them in a bowl and add the content with the sauce – you can serve them instantly.

These are very easy to cook and take less than half of hour to get everything ready. However, if you don’t want to lose time and you like to be served at a table, you should pick a restaurant that has international dishes. You’ll be able to find one for certain in any casino, along with casino games and lots of fun. If you go there, you’ll also be able to listen to live music and enjoy the nightlife, not just eat great food.